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Guide: Overview of Sakai Tools

The grid below lists the tools currently available in Duke’s version of Sakai. They are arranged by categories, including the tools that appear in the Home page, administrative tools for organizing your site, various ways to deliver content to users, tools that help create assessments and keep track of grades, and finally communication tools.  On the left-hand side are the names of the tools and links to help pages for the tool whenever possible. The right-hand column provides a short description of each tool. To add a new tool to a site, go to Site Info < Manage Tools.


Home View general information and recent activity (calendar, announcements)
Profile Create a profile to display to all sites
Membership View current list of sites and search joinable sites
Calendar Aggregated calendar of events posted in all of your sites
Resources Area for private files in the Home page
Announcements List of announcements from all of your sites
Worksite Setup Create new sites
Preferences Customize tabs and control email notifications
Account User information
Search Search for content in all of your sites
Help Link to internal Sakai help pages

Site Administration

Overview View general information and recent activity (calendar, announcements)
Site Info Show and edit site information and site participants
Section Info Manage sections and TAs
Roster View and print participants list
Search Find content within the resources and tools of the site
Statistics Track use of the site

Content Delivery

Resources Post and organize files, folders and URLs
Syllabus Post the outline and requirements for the course
Web Content Add an internal link or external website to the course menu
News View content from an RSS feed
Drop Box Upload documents to personal folders
Lessons Structure course content in weeks, units, or modules
Podcasts Subscribe to podcasts’ RSS feeds
Warpwire Share and play video, photos, and audio inline


Assignments Post, submit and grade assignments online
Gradebook Store and compute grades
Gradebook Classic Store and compute grades (older version of gradebook)
Post’Em Alternative way to record grades and post feedback
Tests & Quizzes Create and administer online assessments
PlayPosit In-video quizzing


Email Communicate with students via traditional email
Announcements Post current or time-critical information to site
Messages Write internal mails to participants within the site
Email Archive Create a site listserv that records sent messages
Forums Organize discussions about readings, topics, etc.
Blog Create and view personal blogs
Chat Room Hold real-time written conversations
Polls Conduct anonymous polls or voting
Sign-up Schedule office hours or group projects easily
Wiki Collaborate on documents
Calendar Add and view calendar events for the site
Piazza  A platform for course discussions and QA posts.

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