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Piazza: Set up Piazza in Sakai

Piazza is a “free online gathering place where students can ask, answer, and explore 24/7, under the guidance of their instructors.” In other words, Piazza might be thought of as a ‘next generation’ discussion board. Students and instructors can answer posted questions through a wiki interface. This encourages shy students to ask the questions they might not in person and to help each other learn. Plus, communication that may have been traditionally handled by email can be added to Piazza as an announcement instead.

Sakai offers a Piazza integration that makes it possible to set up a Piazza site within your Sakai course site. Here’s how:

1) Login to Sakai and visit the course site you want to add Piazza to.

2) Click Site Info > Manage Tools and find Piazza in the list. Check the box next to Piazza, and click Continue, then click Finish.

3) Piazza will now be accessible from your course menu on the left. Click the Piazza link.

4) Decide whether to create a new Piazza course site or link the Sakai course to a pre-existing Piazza site (NOTE: if you have never created a Piazza site before or do not have a Piazza account, you’ll also need to create a Piazza account on the next screen).


5) Confirm the Piazza site creation and continue.

6) You do not need to enroll students in Piazza through the Piazza interface. Instead, you can ask them to login to the Sakai course, click Piazza and follow the prompts for setting up an account.

Things to remember: once you and your students have signed up for Piazza and been linked into the Piazza site, you won’t have to login to Piazza through Sakai again. Faculty and/or students can, using the email and password they used during sign up, also go directly to and sign into their Piazza course site outside of Sakai and on mobile devices.

NOTE: Piazza is offered to the Duke community as an integration via Sakai. Piazza is a free, non-Duke tool that is not currently supported by any department or center at Duke. For help learning about Piazza, or troubleshooting issues with Piazza, please visit Piazza’s online help.

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