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Warpwire for Streaming Media

wwWhat is Warpwire?

Warpwire is a simple, user-friendly, streaming media publishing solution that integrates with Duke’s identity management system to offer NetID security, as well as allow for public access to streaming media. Anyone with a valid Duke NetID can use Warpwire to publish and view media files.

How do I start uploading media items?

First you’ll need to create a Warpwire library. You can do this by either turning on Warpwire as a tool in your Sakai site (this creates a library that is shared automatically with that site) or you can create a new library directly within Warpwire ( and then share it with course groups, individuals, or by URL.

enter library

In your new library, use the Add Media button to navigate to the file(s) you wish to upload. You also have the option to record directly into Warpwire using your webcam.


Once you enter a library, Add Media is now at the top.

How do I organize a library with tags and sorting?

Tagging media items will allow them to appear together as a group when sorted and is the best way to organize your content in Warpwire. Think about creating tags that have meaning for your course such as Week 1 or Mozart’s Sonatas. To tag an item, click the ellipsis next to the media item.


Click on Media Info and then Add Tags.

media info

media tags

Click the Create New button to create a new tag or search existing tags (click the plus sign next to the tag). Then click Done.


Once your tags are complete, sorting reveals the structure you created. In addition to sorting by tags, media can be sorted by title, date and contributor.  The Sort button is visible in the top right of the library’s main screen.


TIP: If you would like set the default sort view to tags, go to the media options for the entire library.

TIP: It is possible to share the URL of any tagged list. Any items uploaded to this specific tag list URL receive the same tag automatically.

How do I share a library, tagged list, or media item with others?

**If you turned on the Warpwire tool in Sakai, the users in that site will automatically see the items. Important — if you add more than roster to your site, you must use the Share options below to manually share with additional rosters.**

In all other cases (or if you want to add additional users to the Sakai library), click on the ellipsis either next to an item or library name to begin media optionq Then click the Share button. share button The share screen has a number of functions: a drop down menu for sharing, link and embed information, and an option to fine-tune users’ roles. sharing screen Always start with the sharing drop down menu. Here you may search for users and groups at Duke or open up viewing privileges to all Duke NetID users or everyone with the URL. ww_sharing_drop_down_menu To limit access to certain groups, use the search field to find course rosters, project sites, and Duke users. Make the appropriate selection(s) to give access. Selected users and groups will turn green; there is no save button. ww_user_search_select If you want to check your list of users or edit their role (either Admin, Viewer, or Remove), click Edit Permissions at the bottom of the Share screen. ww_authorized_members_permissions Users added to a library or given access to a single media item will be able to view these through the main page in Warpwire (under either Media Libraries or Shared With me)

views in ww

Sharing a URL of a tagged list in a library is a slightly different process. In the Sort view by tag, click on the ellipsis next to the tag. Copy that URL to share just those individual items (the rest of the library content will not be accessible).

tagged list

How do I modify tags, copy, or delete files in my library?

Media library items may be copied, deleted, or modified by tag by clicking the Edit button to the right of the library name.  Once Edit is selected, click the circle next to the item(s) you wish to edit and then click the Select Action button in the bottom right corner of the screen.  From the drop-down list, select the action you wish to perform.

batch editScreen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.34.57 PM

How do I access Advanced Settings for my library?

To access the advanced features of your library, click on the ellipsis icon to the right of your library name then click Media Library Info.  On this screen you will see a section for Advanced Settings that includes: Users with access to this library can Add Media, Use in media drop box mode, and Default sort order of media items.
“Drop box” mode has two potential uses. Users can hide their Warpwire library content until it is ready, by switching from drop box and normal mode to publish the content. Instructors can also use a drop box library to have students upload private files. Students will only see their own uploads, but instructors will be able to access them all.


How do I embed a Warpwire item in other tools in Sakai?

If you would like to insert a Warpwire item somewhere else in Sakai, such as adding a video clip into a discussion forum or an assignment, you can use the Warpwire button in the editor box. You can either choose an existing media item or add a new one (note — this feature does not work in the Resources tool).


Click the Warpwire button in the editor box to start.


Further documentation for using Warpwire

Please refer to for extensive videos about Warpwire features and additional support on topics such as embedding items into other applications like WordPress, accepted file types, or changing ownership of libraries or files.

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