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Record and share a video using Warpwire

Are you a student who needs to make a webcam recording to submit to your instructor? Or are you an instructor who wants to record a quick video to share with students or a colleague? Consider using the streaming multimedia service Warpwire to record a video and share it either in a Sakai site, with individual users, or by URL.

How to Record a Video

First log into Warpwire (either through the standalone website or the Warpwire tool in Sakai). Never used Warpwire before? Get help here.

allowAt the top of the appropriate media library in Warpwire, click Add Media in the top right corner. Choose Capture from Webcam or Camera. Allow Warpwire to access your Camera and Microphone when the Adobe Flash Player box opens.



recording controlsThen check to make sure the correct camera and microphone inputs are selected in the drop down menus. Click the Record button to start. Please check to see if the microphone is picking up sound (circles will light up when speaking). Choose Save Recording when finished.



Are you a student who needs to submit a video to your instructor’s Warpwire library? As long as your instructor has set up the library to allow for students to submit videos, you should be able to click on Add Media at the top right and then choose to make a a webcam recording.

Sharing Warpwire webcam videos

Are you an instructor sharing a webcam recording within a Sakai course? Turn on the Warpwire tool in your Sakai course (Add Tools under Site Info) and complete your webcam recording. All students enrolled in the course should now be able to see you video. **If you have multiple rosters in a site, please follow the Share instructions below to make sure all rosters are included in the library.**

Do you want to share a Warpwire recording either privately or outside of a Sakai course? When your video is finished, you may share the file with groups, individuals, all Duke users or set to public. media optionsTo set the sharing, click on the Media Info button next to the file name. Then choose Share.

Search for users and groups

You can use the search field to share with individual users or groups (Duke users, course rosters, or project sites). Click the appropriate selection(s). The group or user name will then be green. You can close out of the share screen without saving. The file will then appear under the user’s Shared with Me tab in Warpwire. You can also send them the share link.


  Set to public sharing

share linkFrom the sharing drop down menu, choose Share with Duke NetID users or Share with everyone on the web. You can go to the top of the share screen to copy and distribute a link or get the embed code.

Allow users to post videos to your library

Are you an instructor who wants students to upload their own videos to your Warpwire library? By default only admins of a site can post media items to a library. To allow all users to upload, go to the library, click on the ellipsis next to the title of the library where they should upload. media button Next click Media Library Info. Change allow users with access to add media to the library to yes. You can then close the edit window at the top right. If you want the file uploads to be private, set the library to drop box mode. This allows the instructor to see all videos but students can only see their own.

upload and drop box



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