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Gradebook Basics

View detailed Sakai 11 Gradebook documentation


  • Scores may either be entered manually or sent directly from tools within Sakai (Forums, Assignments, Lessons, Tests and Quizzes).
  • Instructors have the ability to enable categories and weighting, drop highest/lowest grades in any category, create extra credit items, and override any course grade.
  • It is possible to export/import spreadsheets from other programs like Excel with the help of a template.
  • Grade columns can be moved by dragging and dropping.
  • Teaching staff may hide the Gradebook, grade items, and/or course grades from the students.
  • The Gradebook in Sakai does not support letter grading if categories and weighting are enabled.

Gradebook Layout

The spreadsheet layout of Gradebook makes it simple to edit grades and settings from the main screen. Drop down arrows reveal extra options (such as moving a grade column or see a student’s grade log). There are ways to filter the view by student, group, section, or category.

grading tables

Gradebook Settings

From Permission and Settings you can control overarching rules — the grading scale, the grading formula, and who has permission to grade in your site.


  • You must enter points into the Gradebook if you intend to send grades from other Sakai tools.
  • If you want to drop the highest or lowest grades in a category all of the items must be of equal value.


Adding Gradebook Items

Manually added items (final papers, in-class tests, etc.)

From the main screen of the grade book, click Add Gradebook Item to start. You’ll need to choose the point value, the weighted category (if using) and whether to release the item to students or add to course grade. From the main screen, you can then use the spreadsheet to enter grades for the new item. Using the down arrow or return will save the grade and move onto the next student.

You can choose to make items extra credit (read more).

Grades from other Sakai tools (Tests and Quizzes, Assignments, and Forums)

Within the settings of Tests and Quizzes and Assignments be sure to choose to send scores to Gradebook. You’ll need to go back to the tool to edit any grades. A gray lock icon will appear if the gradebook item needs to be edited elsewhere. For Forums only: create an item first in Gradebook, and then go to Forums to grade.


lock icon

Import a spreadsheet

If you choose to use another program to track grades and then upload them into Sakai later, please download the spreadsheet template (under Export/Import Grades). Be sure not to edit the columns with the students’ names or IDs. When you add a new item, simply enter the name and points in brackets [10] in a new column. Then enter the scores below. Ready to upload grades? Import instructions



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