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Creating a Course Site

Before starting the course setup process, please read these notes carefully.

  • If you select multiple courses or sections, they will be combined into one Sakai course site. To create separate course sites for each of your courses, repeat this setup process for each individual course. If you want to combine several enrollments (ex: include several lab enrollments in a lecture course) you can select all courses you want to combine.
  • If you select all rosters for a cross-listed site at once or choose a lecture plus all the discussion sections at once, the system will choose one roster as the name of the course. You can not edit the name later. If you would like to select one course as the title, choose only that roster now. Add the additional cross-listed rosters or discussion sections later from within the site. 

Only instructors or someone they appoint can create course sites. Please note staff members will have to do two extra steps to create the site. Students should not create course sites.

Log in to Sakai ( Go to Home and click Worksite Setup. At the top of the frame, click New.

New site

On the next page, click the radio button next to course site, then select the Academic term from the drop-down list. If you’re creating a course site for a school that uses a template (Nursing, Fuqua, Law or Divinity), select it from the Site Template options – otherwise, all Duke course sites should use Duke Default Course Template. Click Select Course.

select course

If you are listed as the instructor in the registration system, you will be able to put checks by the desired course roster(s). If you are a staff member setting up a course for an instructor,  you will need to select Add course(s) and/or section(s) not listed above.

Staff will now need to use the drop-down menu to select the subject, course, and section.



Staff members will have a second step of confirming they are authorized to create the site.




You will then see your new course site from the Sites icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page or in the list on the Home > Worksite Setup page.

finde site

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