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Exporting your Sakai site content

There are many cases in which you might need to save your Sakai site content: to create a backup of your site; to export your site’s materials to use in another application; or because your site no longer needed but you would like to archive the content for later use.  Some tools have export features, while others require different strategies.  Here is a tool-by-tool list of methods for saving your site’s content.


The easiest way to save all of your files in this tool is to compress them into a .Zip file, then download that to your computer.  Start by clicking the Actions menu next to your top-level folder.

The .zip file will appear at the end of all of your files/folder in Resources.  Click that file, then choose to save it to your computer.

To see the files that have been compressed into the .zip file, extract the .zip file by double clicking on it.


Both Gradebook and Gradebook Classic have Export features that allow for content to be saved in .csv format (opens in Excel).  Follow these steps which are nearly identical for both Gradebook tools.  Start by going to the Gradebook tool and clicking Import/Export in the menu.  Then, click on the Custom Export link (titled Advanced Options in Gradebook Classic).

Next, select the options for the content you would like to export and click Download Custom Export.

Tests & Quizzes

Assessments in Tests & Quizzes can be exported by using the Export option in the drop-down menu to the left of the assessment title.

The format in which you choose to save your exported assessment should be determined by your content.  Content Package is the most flexible option and should be chosen for assessments that contain attachments or HTML that references external files or content.  Otherwise, QTI is the most widely-used format and can be easily imported into many LMSes.  Hot Spot question types do not currently export.  Instead, they can be added to a question pool then shared, or imported into another site (using Site Info, Import from Site).

After choosing the best option for your content, click the Export button.

Keep in mind that these export-created files contain all of the questions and settings within a single file which can be imported into another system.  If you would like to save your assessments in viewable/readable format, saving the assessment to file, such as PDF via the Print dialog window, is a better option.  Exporting to file and saving as PDF provides the most flexibility when viewing content later.


The Lessons tool has the option to export content on Lessons pages and all related content to an IMS Common Cartridge file.  This will work with all major learning managements systems.  To use this feature, navigate to the Lessons tool and click on More Tools, Export CC.

If you would like to save your Lessons content in viewable/readable format, saving the page content to file, such as PDF via the Print dialog window (see below), is a better option.  Exporting to file and saving as PDF provides the most flexibility when viewing/importing content later.

Forums, Assignments, Announcements, and Syllabus, and other tools

In most cases, the information to be retained for forums, announcements, and other tools is the structure, naming, or text of that content.  The easiest way to save this information is to navigate to the tool and print that content to file, such as PDF.  Here is an example of how to save a Lessons page as a PDF through the Print dialog window using a Mac.

Another option for saving text content is to simply select the content, copy it, and paste the content into a word processing file such as Word or Page.  This is more time consuming, but could be a better option under some circumstances.

If you have issues or any questions as you work to backup/export your content, CIT’s consultants are available every week during our drop-in office hours held on Wednesdays 10 am – noon and Thursdays 1 pm – 3 pm (Bostock 024) and now on East Campus every Tuesday from 2 pm – 4 pm in Lily Library’s Computer Lab.

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