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The Sakai Changelog tracks changes, bug fixes, developments, updates and major milestones

October 2016

  • October 12: Sakai upgraded to version 11.1

August 2016

  • August 16: Sakai upgraded to version 11.0

September 2014

  • September 21: Edit and Remove settings added to published assessments in Tests & Quizzes.

August 2014

  • August 17: Peer review feature was added to Sakai.

September 2013

  • September 15: VoiceThread was implemented in Sakai.

August 2013

  • August 11: Capability added to set the desired language of individual course sites.

July 2013

  • July 14: Sakai configured to allow linking to Assignments and Forums from WYSIWYG.

June 2013

  • June 30: Graduate student instructors now have the ability to create a course site.
  • June 30: Users with the Instructor or Maintain role are able to add a course site alias (change/add site URL in Site Info> Edit Site Info).

May 2013

  • May 11: Sakai upgraded from 2.7 to 2.9.1 – new features include Lessons tool and design improvements
  • May 19: Improved handling for copy/paste from Word and updated security filtering for CK editor.
  • May 22: Expanded functionality of email archive tool to cover subdomain

January 2013-May 2013

  • Code freeze to prepare for Sakai 2.9 upgrade

December 2012

  • Dec 2: Update to Media Gallery. Video and audio will now play on iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, etc).
  • Dec 16: Modification to Tomcat and Nginx to address issue with export grades feature.

November 2012

  • Nov 25: Patch to fix issue with eReserves – web content links were being removed from sites when the process ran. Updated Fuqua template.
  • Nov 29: New server node added to support increased load.

October 2012

  • Oct 14: Patch to fix issues with courses that have duplicate roster feeds; fix for Course Builder role (can now access unpublished courses)
  • Oct 15: Spring 2013 feeds released
  • Oct 22: Patch to fix name issue in the internal Sakai blog tool. Previously names would not update for users in the blog tool.
  • Oct 27: Patch to address issue with gradebook crashing when the user doesn’t assign points to an uploaded column; patch to address issue with Tests&Quizzes crashing when selecting Statistics or Item Analysis; patch to add monitoring in the logs for Web Content tool
  • Oct 28: SERVICE OUTAGE. Hardware issue after scheduled maintenance.

September 2012

August 2012

  • Aug 12: Security settings changes for Webservices IPs
  • Aug 19: HTTPS change to allow Media Gallery (Kaltura) to display in Google Chrome
  • Aug 24: new node added to increase performance and stability; updated instructions for ‘Upload/Download Multiple files’
  • Aug 25: new Group Assignments functionality added to Assignments tool

July 2012

  • July 10: DNS change at Duke requires restarts of Sakai servers – some instability (6pm-10pm)
  • July 15: Changed link for Honor Code in Assignments tool to point to permanent URL
  • July 22: set networkaddress.cache.ttl to 60 sec; implemented NGINX as front end load balancer; corrected header of syllabus notification email

June 2012

  • June 7: patch for web services and Toolkits. Users can now add participants to migrated course sites.
  • June 7: change for Announcements. Email notifications now appear from sender, not from generic or course name.
  • June 30: Blackboard shut down completely. and redirected.

May 2012

  • May 2:  downtime 5am-5:15am for vendors to restart Linux servers to avoid bug in Linux causing systems to crash after 200 days running.
  • May 13: patch to fix entity picker (instructors were not seeing links to forums)
  • May 20:  patch to fix gradebook percentage issue and change to email addresses (to stop getting official site email notifications via Service Now):
  • May 21: Spring 2012 courses migrated from Bb to Sakai (completed)

April 2012

  • April 5: Templates and skins activated for Law, Divinity, Fuqua and Nursing
  • April 16: Alpha-sort of course lists fixed and implemented
  • April 21: eReserves Ph 2 deployed in production

March 2012

  • March 4:  Move production to new data center
  • March 9: bug fixes implemented: spellcheck, LDAP preferred name/nickname, Messages tool ‘from’ address, modules limit, MIME handling for doc/docx files
  • March 16:  bug fixes: removed duplicate site option; patch to stop instructors from removing their last roster from a course site accidentally; warning text added for test takers
  • March 25: Longsight unstealthed the Search tool on production during scheduled restart
  • March 26:  Fall 2012 feeds went in

February 2012

  • Feb 1: Imports for Bb ORG sites completed. Announced to ORG site owners/leaders.
  • Feb 3:  added code repointing WebDAV to – fixing WebDAV for users. Added Visitor role to course and project sites to prepare for Toolkits integration.
  • Feb 8: Toolkits added to Sakai. Site Info>Add Participants enabled to link to Toolkits.
  • Feb 13: Summer semester feeds loaded into Sakai. SIS files didn’t include Fall 2011 feeds – students in F2011 courses temporarily removed until feed could be repaired and re-added.
  • Feb 28: brief service degradation due to networking issue on path to DC (caused LDAP errors in Sakai logs due to timeouts and overall system slowness between 4pm and 7pm)

January 2012

  • Jan 8: Respondus Lockdown Browser added to production
  • Jan 8: Duke 021 and 023 added as new nodes to support Sakai load
  • Jan 9: added Emeritus type to production to allow Emeritus faculty to create sites
  • Jan 12: Sakai-test running on two load balanced nodes
  • Jan 19: Import of Fall 2011 Blackboard content
  • Jan 20: new Gateway site deployed on
  • Jan 25: rolled out ‘grouper’ codebase for Toolkits integration. WebDAV services affected by authentication to new ldap.
  • Jan 30:  rolled out templates code. Only default Duke template made available for now.

December 2011

  • Dec 8: Gradebook export to STORM installed
  • Dec 8: node freezes prompt several rolling restarts. Investigation leads to rolling back Gradebook export code which seems to resolve the issue.
  • Dec 20: Gradebook export re-rolled out successfully. Winter semester added to SIS feeds.

November 2011

  • 01 Nov: Sakai Spring 2012 course data feeds loaded. Restriction on faculty who can create courses lifted = all Duke faculty and/or staff can now create Sakai courses
  • 02 Nov: Issue closed – reports of login/logouts, odd secondary login screens seems to have been repaired by code added to change the default cookies for Sakai at Duke.
  • 02 Nov: Wiki permissions changed (previously didn’t allow students to edit by default)
  • 03 Nov: TA role changed for Spring 2012 and onward. Grade role added to Production.
  • 13 Nov: released Project sites for Duke faculty, students and staff (Terms of Service agreement development done and added)

October 2011

  • 12 Oct: Glitch in All Grades display in Gradebook for some users repaired
  • 12 Oct: SERVICE DEGRADATION: Sakai slowness reported. Node restarted. Cause: bad import of archive file.
  • 26 Oct: SERVICE DEGRADATION: SIS files stop loading correctly. Student info restored in 45 mins. New monitoring and checking put in place on file feeds.
  • 27 Oct: Kaltura Media Gallery (beta) added to Sakai production
  • 29 Oct: Migration of all Bb Course Content for all Duke faculty (F2007-Su2011) completed
  • 31 Oct: fixed issue with FERPA block not allowing student names and email to display properly in Sakai

September 2011

  • 02 Sept: color of tool names on left menu changed from green to blue to increase accessibility
  • 02 Sept: issue with LDAP connection and slow loading of large classes resolved
  • 02 Sept: Course Builder role added
  • 05 Sept: Apache bug keeps some users out of Sakai. Longsight investigates and addresses with a patch.
  • 07 Sept: Load balancing on two nodes added
  • 12 Sept: SERVICE OUTAGE: Sakai servers go down. Services restored. Additional monitoring put in place.
  • 12 Sept: server restarts resolve issues with email archive tool not sending emails
  • 20 Sept: fixed Java error in recording/audio tool in Tests&Quizzes
  • 23 Sept: Timeout of Sakai increased to 3 hours.
  • 27 Sept: patch applied to add missing settings in Tests&Quizzes for migrated exams

August 2011

  • 01 Aug: Migration of Bb content for Fall Sakai participants (F2007-F2011) completed
  • 05 Aug: eReserves code deployed to Duke Sakai
  • 12 Aug: My Active Sites tab reconfigured
  • 18 Aug: Gradebook patch to fix issue with Gradebook calculations in weighted categories
  • 19 Aug: Sakai ‘Get Started’ support site moved out of Sakai and into WP: external link:
  • 22 Aug: text changes – descriptions for Add Participants screen, Authorizer screens, etc
  • 25 Aug: WebDAV patch to fix issues with Mac OS 10.6 and above. Text changes added to explain login process.
  • 29 Aug: added patch to keep primary instructors from ‘deleting’ themselves from a course site

July 2011

  • SIS integration for enrollments completed
  • 11 July: fixed bug in Messages tool causing Messages to crash when including an attachment
  • 25 July: Honor Code in Assignments tool changed to reflect Duke Community Standard
  • 27 July: Content migration tool fixes/changes finalized – first set of course migrations run for Phase 1 faculty by Aug

June 2011

  • Look and feel for My Workspace set.
  • Bb to Sakai migration tool modified and implemented
  • 20 June: Modules added to Sakai. Help documentation.
  • 23 June: Search tool added to sites and My Workspace

May 2011

  • Added drop highest/lowest grades function to Gradebook
  • Added Q&A Tool
  • Added Sign-Up Tool

April 2011

  • Duke Sakai released/announced
  • Sakai – added Gateway information