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Category Archives: Assessments

How do I hide grades from students in Gradebook?

If you are using Gradebook Classic, please see How do I hide grades from students in Gradebook Classic? In the Gradebook, grades from individual assessments, or the entire course grade can be hidden from students. To hide the course grade, go to Gradebook – Settings – Grade Release Rules and uncheck “Display final course grade…Read More

How to prepare course grades in the Gradebook (Sakai 11)

Looking for information about preparing grades in Gradebook Classic? Course grade calculations are automated through the Gradebook tool. Following the steps below will ensure that your students’ work is properly recorded and that the course grade calculations are correct. Please note that final grades should be entered in the registrar’s system, DukeHub. They do not…Read More

How can I create a survey?

There are two choices for creating a survey in Sakai. If you want students to respond to a single, simple question, consider using the Polls tool. It allows you to post one question at a time for students to vote on. Polls can be set to show the results of a poll always (even before…Read More

How can I allow a student to take (or retake) a test after the due date?

Taking a test after the due date If you want your students to take (for the first time) a test after the due date, you have a few options. As long as you still accept late submissions, the students can still take the test. Their submissions will simply be marked as late. You can also reset the…Read More

How do I give feedback in Assignment?

Open Assignments, then scroll to the assignment you’d like to communicate with a student about. Select “Grade”. Scroll down to the student you wish to communicate with, and click on their name.  There are 3 ways to provide feedback to the students: Put your feedback into the Instructor Summary Comments box Type comments within the…Read More

What is assessment “Part” for?

When you create a new test or quiz, a part (i.e., section) called “Default” is created automatically. If you leave it named “Default”, that title will not appear on your assessment; to change the part’s name, click Edit (located on the far-right side). You can begin adding questions immediately to “Default”, or you can add your…Read More

Can feedback be set to go out to students at specific time?

Yes, you can select a date to display feedback to students. In Tests and Quizzes, next to the title of the test, use the pull-down menu labeled Select Action to go to Settings. In the “Grading and Feedback” section specify the settings you want. You should only choose immediate feedback if this a review exercise;…Read More

How can students view comments that instructors provide on their assignments?

From Gradebook, for Assignments, students can see grades and some instructor comments. To see additional instructor comments and instructor attachments on graded Assignments, students need to go to Assignments, and click on an appropriate assignment. The “Returned” in red next to the assignment’s title indicates the assignment has been graded and is ready for students…Read More

Group submissions in Assignments

In the Assignment tool, you can design an assessment to be submitted by a single student to submit the assignment on behalf of the entire group. The instructor can provide a grade for all students in the group at once, and can override the group grade for specific students within the group. Here’s how:  Create a new…Read More

Why can’t I see any students when grading?

1. If you are a teaching assistant who cannot see students in the Gradebook, Assignments or Tests and Quizzes, you may not have any grading permissions. For teaching assistants, the default setting for grading is none. The instructor or TA must set the correct permissions before the TA can view the appropriate students in Assignments,…Read More