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Category Archives: Communication

How do I set up discussions forums for groups?

You can use Sakai’s group settings to help you create forums for each of your groups. For example, say you have 5 groups of students in your course and you want each of them to have a forum where they can post comments or documents and respond to one another. You can also use the…Read More

How can I make students’ posts on Discussion Boards invisible to the whole class until I read and approve them?

Within a forum, create a new topic. Pose your question for the students in the topic description. In the topic settings, look for ‘moderate topic’ and click ‘yes’. When students post to the topic, their post will be held for moderation. Below is a student’s view for one such pending message: You can go to…Read More

Piazza: Set up Piazza in Sakai

Piazza is a “free online gathering place where students can ask, answer, and explore 24/7, under the guidance of their instructors.” In other words, Piazza might be thought of as a ‘next generation’ discussion board. Students and instructors can answer posted questions through a wiki interface. This encourages shy students to ask the questions they…Read More

Can students post in Forums anonymously?

Anonymous posting in the Forum tool is not supported at this time. However, there are a few different tools that will allow for anonymous communication in Sakai. Students can vote on a single question using the Polls tool. For example, students could be asked to rate the strength of an argument before class as the…Read More

How can instructors control email notifications?

Many tools in Sakai (including the Syllabus, Forums and Assignments) can generate emails when new information is posted either by the students or instructors. 1. Be alerted when there are new submissions. An instructor can choose to be notified by email when a student submits to the Assignment tool in the Assignment Settings. An administrator can…Read More

Set up a discussion forum

The Forums tool allows instructors to set up threaded discussion questions that can be read or contributed to by the entire class or designated groups. Students can write inline comments or exchange files. The tool records the number of posts by students, and forum posts can be linked to the Gradebook for grading. Discussions are…Read More

How can I stop getting so many emails?

Instructors and site admins have the choice to send an email notification when new information is posted to tools like Syllabus, Forum, or Announcements. You have two options to reduce the amount of emails you receive. 1. Instructors and students can limit or stop getting low priority emails. In Home tab, click Preferences and then Notifications. You will…Read More

What are the differences between Email, Messages, and Email Archive?

Email Note:  Email is the suggested communication tool in Sakai. With Email, instructors can send an email message to all students in the class, select individual students, Groups and Sections, or even others who are not in the site. All sent emails go to the recipients’ email addresses that are set up in Sakai, such…Read More

Sakai Communications: Email, Messages, and Email Archive

Email Email allows users to send an email message to site participants either by role (instructors, teaching assistants, course builders, or students) or choose individual participants, sections, or groups. The email goes to the users’ official email account and comes from your email provider. All subsequent communication takes place between the email clients. There are…Read More

How do I prevent my students from deleting blog posts written by others?

From Blogs > Permissions uncheck “blogwow.entry.write.any” from “Student” if it’s checked (see the screenshot below). That will prevent students from deleting blog posts written by others, but still allow them to remove their own entries. For a better blogging system, you can consider using Duke WordPress.