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Category Archives: Course Site Administration

Exporting your Sakai site content

There are many cases in which you might need to save your Sakai site content: to create a backup of your site; to export your site’s materials to use in another application; or because your site no longer needed but you would like to archive the content for later use.  Some tools have export features,…Read More

Creating a Course Site

Before starting the course setup process, please read these notes carefully. If you select multiple courses or sections, they will be combined into one Sakai course site. To create separate course sites for each of your courses, repeat this setup process for each individual course. If you want to combine several enrollments (ex: include several…Read More

How can I create groups?

Sakai offers many ‘group aware’ tools. This means an assignment, test, forum, event, or announcement can be sent to a limited number of site participants. If you have multiple rosters added to the courses, sections (a type of ‘group’) have already been created and will appear automatically in the group-aware tools. Ad hoc groups can…Read More

What is the difference between a ‘published’ and ‘unpublished’ site?

A site only becomes visible when it is published. Course sites are unpublished by default. You have the choice to publish a project site during the site creation process, but you can choose to reveal it later. Unpublished sites are always available to users who have the role of instructor, teaching assistant, course builder, or…Read More

How do I edit what tools are available?

Enter Site Info and click  Manage Tools at the top of the page. Check or uncheck the tools you wish to add or remove, and then click Continue. Confirm the changes and click Finish.  NOTE: For some tools, you will be prompted to add additional information before finishing.

How can I find a specific site within Sakai?

You can view and search all of your sites and change your site preferences by clicking on the Sites icon. You can also conduct a search by going to My Workspace > Membership and change your site Preferences in My Workspace as well.

How can instructors see what students see?

In the top left corner of a course site above the menu bar, there is a drop down menu that lets individuals with the role of instructor or TA to see the site as a student. Next to “View Site As” choose the role of student. Don’t forget to change back to the instructor role…Read More

Can I delete a Sakai site?

To prevent users from deleting sites by accident, this option is not activated. If you no longer need a site, the best option is to hide it. First, make sure the site is not published. (Site Info > Manage Access). Be sure the publish box is unchecked and then click Update. Then, if you wish…Read More

What is the difference between hiding and disabling a menu item?

To customize the list of tools on your course site’s menu, go to Site Info > Tool Order Hiding a tool means that regular users (like students) will not see the tool in the menu, but instructors, TAs, and course builders can still see and edit that tool. Links to items in a hidden tool…Read More

Getting started with the Lessons tool

Lessons allows you to present your course content in a structured way and guide your students through their learning process. Using the Lessons tool, you can create a course packet with resources, quizzes, assignments, forums, and media (e.g. videos, audios and images) in a central location. Tips The best practice for using Lessons effectively is…Read More