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Category Archives: Known Issues

TA Role Unable to View Tests & Quizzes Grading Screen

Tests and Quizzes scoring

In some cases, users with the Teaching Assistant role in a course site may be unable to view submitted assessments from the Tests & Quizzes tool. This behavior occurs only in courses with a single section and does not affect multi-section course sites (courses with more than one roster associated). This is a confirmed bug…Read More

Non-secure Web Links (HTTP) will not display in course site

The latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer have enabled a security measure that is affecting the display of external content from within a Sakai site (typically using the Web Content Tool, Syllabus redirects, multimedia embeds via the Lessons tool, or Site Information replacement URLs — any tool where external web content can be…Read More

Dropbox folder name appears as “BOGUS”

In certain cases, a folder within the Drop Box tool may appear with the title “BOGUS.” This may occur in sites which contain new “guest” user accounts (accounts that were not previously added to any other Sakai site, which authenticate to Sakai using an Open ID (Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc.), added via Toolkits (see: Add Participants:…Read More

Why can I see ‘drop boxes’ for students who are no longer in my course?

The Drop Box tool creates drop boxes automatically as students get added to a Sakai site, but does not remove them when students drop (or are otherwise removed). However, dropped or deleted students (who no longer show up in the Site Info class list) cannot access the course or the drop box with their name…Read More

Tests & Quizzes: Statistics and Item Analysis buttons missing

Once a test is taken by students, you should be able to view the total scores, item analysis, statistics, questions, etc. as shown below. However, in some cases the categories are missing. This is a known issue which may be linked to how these tests and quizzes were migrated from Blackboard. To avoid this issue,…Read More

Tests & Quizzes: Sakai does not recognize commas in numeric answers

Numeric response question type in Sakai tests and quizzes does not recognize commas, so if the correct response does not contain a comma and the student answer does, then it is marked incorrect. If the correct response does contain a comma and the student answer does not, then it is also marked incorrect.  

Tests & Quizzes: Audio response cuts off

When listening back to audio responses (from audio questions) in Tests & Quizzes, the audio player seems to drop the last 10-15 seconds of audio from a response. The issues seems to affect Macs. Current workaround – download the audio file to your desktop first, then listen in Quicktime player, iTunes, etc.  

Affiliates cannot create courses or project sites

If you’re an instructor at Duke, but your primary Duke status is ‘affiliate’ you’ll need to submit a ticket to the OIT Service Desk to get a Sakai course site created for you. Please include: course name and number, your netID, and any special requests or instructions that might accompany such a request.