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Category Archives: Student FAQs

How do I copy and paste from Word to Sakai?

If you want to insert text from a Word document into the Sakai editor box, you must use the ‘Paste from Word’ tool to help keep the formatting clear. First, in the Word document, highlight the desired text and then use Control+C (PC) or Command+C (Mac) to copy the content. Now, in Sakai, place the…Read More

How can I find a specific site within Sakai?

You can view and search all of your sites and change your site preferences by clicking on the Sites icon. You can also conduct a search by going to My Workspace > Membership and change your site Preferences in My Workspace as well.

How can students view comments that instructors provide on their assignments?

From Gradebook, for Assignments, students can see grades and some instructor comments. To see additional instructor comments and instructor attachments on graded Assignments, students need to go to Assignments, and click on an appropriate assignment. The “Returned” in red next to the assignment’s title indicates the assignment has been graded and is ready for students…Read More

How can I stop getting so many emails?

Instructors and site admins have the choice to send an email notification when new information is posted to tools like Syllabus, Forum, or Announcements. You have two options to reduce the amount of emails you receive. 1. Instructors and students can limit or stop getting low priority emails. In Home tab, click Preferences and then Notifications. You will…Read More

What should students know about Sakai?

Students are encouraged to download and review the Sakai Student Quick Start Guide for things such as “Where do I start with Sakai,” “How do I access my courses?” “Sakai new features” and more. For assisting nursing students’ successful transition from Blackboard to Sakai and getting them familiar with Sakai basics, the School of Nursing’s Center…Read More

Can I be notified via email if something changes on my Sakai site?

It is decided by the individual instructor or site administrator if they wish to send any email notifications. You will receive an email message every time a high priority item is added to Announcements, Assignments, Syllabus and Resources. You can also be notified when a low priority item has been created (unless you have opted…Read More

How do I know if my assignment has been received?

When you are ready to “hand in” your work using Sakai’s Assignment tool, click Submit.  You will see a confirmation message with a submission ID number. An e-mail message will also be mailed to you with the same submission ID. If you do not see either message, your work may not have been saved in Sakai….Read More

What is the best way to take a test or quiz?

Click only once when saving your answer.  Even if the system is slow, clicking more than once could cause further delay. Open the quiz in only one window.  If the quiz is open in multiple tabs or windows, your answers to be submitted incorrectly. Even if a quiz is not timed, if you work on…Read More

Why can’t students see my course site?

There are a few reasons why students may not be able to see your course that you have already created: The site has not been linked to an official student roster. To link a roster to your course, enter Site Info and click Edit Class Roster(s) and Add Roster(s). The site needs to be published…Read More