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Sakai participant roles

Monday, August 1st, 2016

There are five participant roles in Sakai course sites, and they are Instructor, Teaching Assistant (TA), Course Builder, Student, and Visitor. Each role has different permissions. Some roles allow users to simply access or read content (e.g. the student role), while other roles allow for advanced changes, such as adding participants, adding or deleting the site’s content, and changing permissions for other roles within a site.

There are three participant roles in Sakai project sites. They are Maintain, Access and Visitor. The maintain role creates and distributes content, while the access and visitor roles are largely read-only.

What does each role do?

Instructor: Instructors have full permissions throughout the site, including the ability to publish the site. Instructors can read, revise, delete, add both content and participants to a site, set up forums, and create and grade assignments and tests.

Maintain: This role in project sites has the same permissions as the instructor in course sites. The major difference is there is no official roster associated with the site.

Teaching Assistant:

  • Same as instructor role for the following tools: blogs, chat room, drop box, email, email archive, forums, kaltura media gallery, lessons, modules, news, podcasts, polls, postem, questions and answers, resources, roster, search, section info, sign up, site info, statistics, syllabus, web content, wiki.
  • Assignments – TAs can only grade their own section(s) if assigned a section through section tool. Can deploy assignment to entire class or just to the TA’s section(s). For course wide TAs, their grading permissions will need to be defined in Gradebook (under Permissions) before they can grade any work.
  • Announcements – TAs can publish announcement to entire class or just the TA’s section(s)
  • Test and Quizzes –TA’s can only grade their own section(s) but can deploy tests to the entire class or any section/group

Course Builder: Course Builders can read, add, and revise most content, but cannot grade in Assignments, Tests and Quizzes, and Gradebook.

Student, Access:
Students can read content, and add content to a site where appropriate.

Visitor: Can read content and upload content only in certain tools. They are not in the Gradebook and any assignment or assessment they take will not be recorded.

How do I change roles for my existing participants?

You can change the roles of individual participants in your site. From Site Info, you will see its participant list. Next to the participant(s) whose role(s) you want to change, select the appropriate role(s) from the drop-down menu(s) under “Role”. Click Update Participants.  If you change your role away from “instructor”, you may not be able to change it back!

Change Role

If you have added additional users through Toolkits, please refer to this guide to determine if you need to change participant roles instead.

What are the differences between a Teaching Assistant and Course Builder?

Course Builders cannot grade assignments via Assignments and tests via Tests and Quizzes, and don’t have access to the Gradebook.

How can I assign my TA grading privileges?

For Sections:

Enable the Section Info tool and on the Section Info page assign TAs to sections. That enables them to view and grade their sections. Before assigning TAs, be sure that they have the role of teaching assistant in the participant list in “Site Info.”
Assign TAs to Section

For the entire course or ad hoc groups:

From the Gradebook, click Permission Settings, and choose a TA from the drop-down menu. Add a rule allowing that TA to ‘grade’ (first drop-down) the entire course or a certain group.

Assign TA to Sections