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How do I give feedback in Assignment?

Monday, August 8th, 2016

Open Assignments, then scroll to the assignment you’d like to communicate with a student about. Select “Grade”. Scroll down to the student you wish to communicate with, and click on their name.  There are 3 ways to provide feedback to the students:

  1. Put your feedback into the Instructor Summary Comments box
  2. Type comments within the student’s submission using double curly braces to surround your text {{instructor text}}, so it will appear red.
  3. Attach a file containing feedback for the student.

More about grading assignments.

Download assignments to grade offline.

Can feedback be set to go out to students at specific time?

Monday, August 8th, 2016

Yes, you can select a date to display feedback to students. In Tests and Quizzes, next to the title of the test, use the pull-down menu labeled Select Action to go to Settings. In the “Grading and Feedback” section specify the settings you want. You should only choose immediate feedback if this a review exercise; otherwise students can share or change correct answers.

You can also choose the types of feedback the students can see from that screen (scores, question feedback, etc.)

Note:  Selecting “Gradebook Options – Send assessment score to Gradebook immediately” will send scores to Gradebook immediately, regardless of feedback date.

feedback sent to students


How can students view comments that instructors provide on their assignments?

Monday, August 8th, 2016

From Gradebook, for Assignments, students can see grades and some instructor comments.

student view grade report assignment 1

To see additional instructor comments and instructor attachments on graded Assignments, students need to go to Assignments, and click on an appropriate assignment. The “Returned” in red next to the assignment’s title indicates the assignment has been graded and is ready for students to view. Students can see instructor’s comments added inline with their text in red, comments an instructor wrote in an additional instructor box, and any attachments added by the instructor.

student view grade report assignment 2