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How can I add Panopto videos into my Sakai course?

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Instructions on the OIT website give severalĀ options for displaying your Panopto recordings using the editor box in various tools within Sakai: What are my options for using DukeCapture content in Sakai?

As an alternative, you can add a Panopto RSS Feed to your Sakai course as a menu bar item. Here are the steps:

1. Get RSS feed link from Panopto

  • Log into Panopto and click on the RSS feed icon for a folder (course).
  • Select Subscribe to RSS in the menu that appears.
  • Copy the RSS URL in the browser window that pops up (or right-click on Subscribe to RSS and choose Copy Link Address.

Screenshot of Panopto Subscribe to RSS Link

2. Add RSS feed to your Sakai course:

From Site Info > Manage Tools > select Web Content and click Continue. You will then be prompted to name the tool (like Panopto Videos) and add a URL (paste the RSS feed link that you copied from Panopto). Click Continue again and confirm that the link has been added to the list of tools. Click the Finish button.

Pasting Panopto RSS Feed link into the Sakai Web Content tool Source


Users will need to use Firefox, IE/Edge, or Safari in order for the files to be playable from right within the browser. Other browsers such as Chrome may not display the video files as links.