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Creating a Project Site

Monday, August 8th, 2016

NOTE: only Duke faculty, staff and students can create project sites.

Step-by-step instructions: Log in to Sakai ( Go to “Home” and click Worksite Setup.

Worksite setup

At the top of the “Worksite Setup” page, click New.

New site

On the “Site Type” page, select the button next to Project Site and click Continue.

project site

Then you will be asked to (1) review and accept the Terms of Service , (2) indicate the purpose of the project site you are creating, and (3) click Create Site to finish.

For the “Project Site Information” form, you are required to fill out the Site Title. (Note – the title is limited to 17 characters). You will also be prompted to provide a site description and given advanced options for URL creation. Note: The description can be changed later on the home page under “Site Info Display.”

Add project site info

At the bottom of the form, be sure to confirm the contact information for the site and hit Continue.

Site contact

The next page asks which tools should be available in your site. You do not have to choose all the tools you want to use at this time. You can always choose to add or remove tools by clicking “Site Info” and choosing “Edit Tools” within the project site.

choose tools

On the next screen, you are given the option to re-use materials from another Sakai site. This document provides detailed help if you wish to do this.

Reuse material from other sites

You will now decide who can join your project site and view its materials.

  1. Select Publish site to make it available to participants. If you don’t want to publish your site at this time, you can do it later through Site Info.
  2. Choose Private to allow only site participants to access materials. Choose Display in public site list to make the site searchable within Sakai and allow selected materials to be shared outside of Sakai.
  3. You can also allow your site to be “joined” by other Sakai users (students, faculty, and guests users) automatically. Check the box next to Allow anyone to join the site with a valid login id. Use the drop-down list to select a role for users who join your site. Access and Visitor give users a read-only role and Maintain allows users add and edit materials. You may edit the roles of participants individually later.
  4. Hit Continue to finish the page.

Select access settings

Under “Confirm Your Site Setup,” review your site information. To make changes, click Back. Click Create Site to submit your project site request. You will then see your new project site in the list on the “Worksite Setup” page and as a tab at the top of the page. If it is not immediately visible across the top, navigate to your site via the More Sites tab and then use the scroll bar to find the list of your project sites (or use the search box).

Finding your created project site


How can I find a specific site within Sakai?

Monday, August 8th, 2016

You can view and search all of your sites and change your site preferences by clicking on the Sites icon.

sites icon

finding sites, setting preferences

You can also conduct a search by going to My Workspace > Membership and change your site Preferences in My Workspace as well.

What are the Terms and Conditions for Project sites?

Monday, November 14th, 2011

When you create a Sakai Project site, you’ll be asked to choose a primary use for the site, and to agree to the Terms and Conditions of use. The options and terms are as follows:

Primary use choices:

  • HR-related (for a search; promotion, tenure or reappointment review, or similar)
  • Academic resource for one or more formal courses
  • Short-term team or working group activity (e.g. planning for a student or staff conference event, short-term planning activity, etc.)
  • Ongoing team or working group activity (e.g. as a work space for a standing committee, student group, etc.)
  • Test space to learn more about Sakai functionality
  • Public space to share materials and engage participants beyond a specific group
  • Other

Terms and Conditions

By setting up a Sakai Project site, you are personally agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. I understand that use of Duke’s instance of Sakai requires adherence to Duke’s acceptable use guidelines and that access may be revoked for any participant (whether from Duke or from outside of Duke) who does not follow these guidelines or the Duke Sakai Terms and Conditions.
  2. I understand that as the project site administrator, I have sole responsibility for informing participants in the project site about the nature of its availability – i.e. whether it is generally available, viewable by authorized users, etc. – and about any changes I may make at a later time to its availability.
  3. I understand that use of Duke’s Sakai instance is subject to university data retention policies, and that Sakai project sites may be removed or archived by the university at a later time in accordance with published, formal guidelines. Furthermore, I understand that Sakai is not an archival repository and should not be used with the intent of providing open-ended, long-term storage for project site contents.
  4. I understand that I will be responsible for providing support to any third party, non-Duke participants in my Duke Sakai project site.
  5. I understand that these Terms and Conditions may be modified at a future date in accordance with formal Duke Sakai governance procedures.By clicking ‘Create Site’ you are indicating that you have read and agree to the above Terms and Conditions.