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How can I stop getting so many emails?

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Instructors and site admins have the choice to send an email notification when new information is posted to tools like Syllabus, Forum, or Announcements. You have two options to reduce the amount of emails you receive.

1. Instructors and students can limit or stop getting low priority emails. In Home tab, click Preferences and then Notifications. You will be able to change how you receive emails for Announcements, Resources, Drop Box, Syllabus, and Email Archive.

2. If you are receiving emails for each Forum post, go to the Forums tool, click Watch at the top of the tool, and change your notification settings.

  • Instructors and/or site administrators: take note that your students and/or site participants can adjust the above settings and may not receive all emails/notifications you send out.
  • Students and/or site participants: remember that even if you choose to not receive any emails or notifications, your instructor or Sakai project site administrator might override this setting for specific notifications that they mark as high priority.